33rd Card for Christmas 2010


In contemporary English the word “merry” means “jolly,” “cheerful,” “lively,” or “happy.” Few people realize, however, that it once meant something slightly different. At the time the English coined the phrase “Merry Christmas,” merry meant “pleasant,” “delightful,” or “joyful.” Thus, at that time, the well-known phrase “merry England” did not mean “jolly England,” but rather “pleasant” or “delightful” England. When used to describe a holiday, the word “merry” signaled that it was a time of festivity or rejoicing.

This is one of the bad card day for me.  I'm not happy and satisfied with card but my son likes it very much.  I guess having my son as my #1 fan soars my confidence hahahahahahhahaha.  One thing that makes me smile when I look at this card is doily laced punched bottom border.  The scrunched flower and  the leaves I have made and you may see the tutorial under Flower Making category.  The butterfly is just a cutie I found while I was at the mall hehehehhehehehehehehe.  The crystal beads and flowers are from Panduro.


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