34th Card for Christmas 2010

Midnight Mass on Christmas Season

The Roman Catholic Church honors Christmas with three separate masses, each with its own distinctive liturgy. The first of these masses takes place in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve and is called Midnight Mass. In Spanish-speaking countries, Midnight Mass is known as the Misa de Gallo, or the rooster’s mass.

The first Christmas masses were celebrated at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome on Christmas morning. In the fifth century Roman officials added another mass to be celebrated in the middle of the night. Rules in effect from about 400 to 1200 A.D. prescribed that this mass be held ad galli cantum, that is, when the rooster crows. Roosters begin to crow at about three in the morning. Eventually, however, the scheduling of the mass shifted to midnight. Perhaps the popular belief that Jesus was born at midnight influenced this shift.

Yes that's right ... I used JustRite Stamp and embossed with gold powder.  The foil was embossed using cuttlebug ebossing folder then I just added glittered self-adhesive fabric tape and a Christmas woody =)


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