32nd Card for Christmas 2010

The Old Christmas Day ....

When Pope Gregory XIII established the Gregorian calendar in 1582, he ushered in an era in which the people of Europe disagreed on what day it was. As a result, they celebrated Christmas on different days. Before the Gregorian reform Europe had adhered to the Julian calendar, which was a full ten days behind the newly instituted Gregorian calendar. Some nations and churches refused to adopt the Gregorian reforms. In these lands people continued to celebrate Christmas on December 25, but did so according to the Julian calendar. Their celebrations fell on January 5 according to the new Gregorian calendar. In past eras the English sometimes referred to January 5 or 6 as “Old Christmas Day.”

I played with some leftover foils and cardstock and used Argyle cuttlebug embossing folder to add texture.  Took my Poinsettia sizzix die and used the middle portion after embossing with swiss dots folder then added crystal beads on the image.  The paper roses was done using Sizzix 3D flower dies.  I decided not to color the owls coz the background is already festive and my aim is to make sure that everything pops-out with one look.  You might be wondering about the eyes -  I took 3 pairs from my unusual eye collection and it really made this card cute. 


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