39th Card for Christmas 2010

Origin of Christmas Tree

No one can confirm the exact origin of the Christmas tree. Some writers base their explanation of the Christmas tree on the theory that in ancient times the pagan peoples of northern Europe revered trees. They propose that the venerable pagan symbol of the tree survived the transition to Christianity by attaching itself to the Christian
midwinter holiday, Christmas. Little solid historical evidence exists to support this viewpoint, however. Others believe that the ancient Roman custom of decorating homes and temples with greenery during Kalends survived for centuries, eventually inspiring the people of the north to decorate their homes with small evergreen trees
at that time of year. Still others view the Christmas pyramid as the ancestor of the Christmas tree.

Materials used:

CEB : Swiss Dots and Oriental Weave from the Asian Bundle
Sentiment by Slojd and Detaljer
Crystal beads
Snowflake sequins
Reindeer from thailand
Christmas Noel Cartridge


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