Embossing Creme - A cool Tool!

A craft owner called me that she has new products that maybe I will be so interested.  Right after work I went straight to her shop and took a good look and yup did buy few stuffs like sets of acrylic VIVA stamps, bought all her twine huge rolls in different colors, stencils plus silver and gold embossing creme. I have no idea how to use it so she gave me a quick info on how to go about it. 

Yesterday evening while Joseph was busy using my computer I had the chance to try the embossing creme.  But let me tel you more about Joseph's drawing.  First he just wanted to watch dinosaur short clips from YouTube then after 30 minutes he was running and getting his colored pens .... took some white art paper from my drawer ... then he got busy.  I was to immersed with my play with the embossing creme that I forgot about him hahahahahhahaha.  Oh my what a surprise for me when I checked him out - he was just behind me actually hahahahahhahahahha.  He was busy drawing some monsters and so I immediately took some pics of such a wonderful moment.

He combined 2 monsters in his drawing and I really love the way it turned out =)  Here's his drawing moments ......

Now let's go back to my play with the ViVA embossing creme .....
I believe the technique here is to really apply lots of embossing creme before peeling off the stencil.  And then scrape off the excess from the stencil which will really be messy hehehehehehehhehe.  Too puff the image, one has to use a heating tool.  It reminds me of those puff pens I have and I was like a little girl with eyes all aglow when it's being heated and puff it goes.

My first few tries were not puffy enough until I got the right technique ... but still with few flaws.


ails said...

Sooo cute! Joseph got your talent Jerosha. :) Kakatuwa :)

Claire Langan said...

Love the gift idea. Super cute!

Hello dear,

I am passing on to you the "Stylish Blogger Award". Please drop by at my blog and follow the instructions in the post.



Ails! Thanks so much for dropping by =D One thing for sure Joseph is more talented than me hahahahahahahhaahhahahahaha coz he is so comfortable with drawing which is the opposite of me =)


Claire (friendshipness) - wow "stylish blogger award"? Cool! Thanks =)

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