31st Card for Christmas 2010

Carols on Yuletide Season

Why are these traditional Christmas songs called “carols,” anyway?  Some scholars trace the English word “carol” all the way back to the ancient Greek word coros. In ancient Greek drama the coros, or “chorus,” appeared from time to time during the play singing commentaries on the plot and often dancing as well. By the late Middle Ages, the word “carol” had come to mean singing and dancing in a circle, as children do when singing “Ring Around the Rosy.” In the Middle Ages people caroled on many different occasions. By the sixteenth century, however, this musical genre had acquired a special association with the Christmas season, while its earlier association with dance was fading away.

Basically I embossed the thick foils using cuttlebug embossing folders the colored my Bratz digital image with copic markers then stamped a sentiment and added a large star.


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