18th Card for Christmas 2010


The Gospel according to Luke tells that an angel announced Jesus’ birth to some humble shepherds who were spending the night in a nearby field. Many Bible commentators have remarked that this incident shows that God’s favor rests with the poor, since they were the first to receive news of Christ’s birth. After receiving the angel’s visit, the shepherds journey to Bethlehem in order to pay homage to Jesus, the newborn king. They find
the Holy Family lodged in a stable. Since Mary had no crib, she laid the baby Jesus in a manger, or trough used to feed animals. Thus in Luke’s account of Jesus’ birth, the Holy Family lodges with the animals and is visited by shepherds.

The Gospel according to Matthew offers a different version of events (see also Gospel Accounts of Christmas). In that account, educated and well-to-do men from the East, the Magi, are the first to learn of Jesus’ birth. Matthew’s story implies that the Holy Family lives in Bethlehem. No shepherds appear in Matthew’s account, just as no Magi appear in Luke’s account.

Materials Used:

CEF - Winter Bundle : Flurries
Cardstocks by CCHobby
Stamp Image by Sarah Kay
Sentiment "'tis the season" - unknown
Grossgrain ribbon by Tilda
checkered bow bought in Thailand
Crystal beads by slojd-detaljer
Balck Embossing powder

Copic Markers :
skin- R00, E00, 93
B95, 93, 97
W-1, 3, 5
R22, 27, 29
G21, 07


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