Trying Out My Sizzix 3D Flowers ( Roses)

One of the yummy goodies  I got on my birthday last August are bunch of different big sizzix die.  I was speechless when I opened one of the boxes coz it was filled with different dies by Tim Holtz and Sizzix.  Up to this day all dies are still unopened due to deprivation when it comes to crafting.  But last week, I did open one and it's called Sizzix 656545 - Flowers 3D.  Actually this item came in last coz it was sold out and we had to wait for the new batch of deliveries.  Would you believe the order was placed last week of July and I got it 2nd week of October?  Yup, that long coz it's always sold out.

Anyway, my friend Hershey and I tried it out for the first time when I had a Kid's Craft day here 2 weeks ago.  Bhoy! I had a hard time on my first 2 tries even if I followed the instructions.  Hershey on the other hand really had some difficulties and so I encouraged her to try making the smaller roses coz I was lucky to make few in just a few minutes.  

All I can say about this tool is that the small rose is awesome and very very easy to make .... manageable for short hehehehehehehehe.  As for the bigger rose, oh well I don't like it coz up to this day I still can't figure out how to come up with a great rose.

Now guess who enjoyed making the big roses?  JOSEPH!!!!!

There were nights while we watch TV together in his room, we would make roses =D He enjoyed cutting the shapes with my Big Shot.  He would decide how many pieces we're gonna make for the night and then he would cut and give it tome.

I really love the small roses and having this tool I'm spared from buying those darn small roses at the craft store which I find very expensive.  I always look at those roses for several months but had no guts to buy even 1 piece.  Imagine a small rose cozt 3 Sek and a big rose cost 5 Sek!!!!!  Although it's not exactly the same but I'm happy with my own paper roses.

These are the mini roses I was able to make.

These are Joseph's big roses beside few of my mini roses.

Oh but one doesn't have to buy such tool coz I'm sure you guys have seen some video tutorials on how to make this kind of rose :  freehand cut a spiral and roll and viola you have a rose =)


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