C is for .....

* candor
* caring
* caution
* charity
* chastity
* citizenship
* cleanliness
* commitment
* compassion
* confidence
* conscientiousness
* consideration
* contentment
* cooperativeness
* courage
* courteousness
* curiosity

But most of all C is for Cecil, grand-daughter to a very dear friend of mine.   I altered this wooden alpha for her as a Christmas gift last year.  She's the only one I was not able to meet when I went to visit them in Denmark last summer.


  1. Painted the base with shimmering Pink the let dry.
  2. Painted the very front with shimmering green and let dry.
  3. Covered the alphabet with artist crackle paint and let dry.
  4. Applied Tim Holtz distressed crackle paint - broken china, and let dry.
  5. Added ribbons, flower with ladybug, and felt butterfly.


Zaya said...

wow friend, nice letter, wonferfull work.

JEROSHA said...

Hi Zaya! Can't wait to see the alphabets I gave you heheheheheheheheehhehe.

Joyse Interiano said...

is soooo beautiful work!!! cute!!

Zaya said...

hello friend, do not know how to decorate but you did a wonderful idea of how to make them as soon have them notice you.

JEROSHA said...

Joyce!!!!!! How are you???? Hope to see you around here =) Thanks for dropping by! Miss you =)

JEROSHA said...

Zaya, there are many ways on altering alphabets so don't be scared on trying different mediums. Some just covers it with printed papers or decoupage papers or like in my case acrylic paints.

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