My Yarn Keeper

Hi everyone!  A very very dear and true friend of mine in Denmark will have her back surgery this day or maybe it's done already this morning. I tried calling their home but still no one answers so maybe her husband is still in the hospital with her.  Will be calling again tonight and find out update.  Crossing my fingers that someone is at home when I call.

After spending hours of silence this day for her, I was still restless after making that call.  I ended up going down the basement in my extension craft room and try to find what I can organize.

Oh yes indeed, I found something that needed organization and that is organizing all my yarns I usually get from my Step-mom who is into all kinds of needleworks.  Over the years I accumulated different colors and shades of yarns and for many years I just kept each inside a bag. 

I remember I have a shoe case that has never been used and decided to try it as my yarn keeper/organizer.  The shoe case has compartments and handles on all sides so it's easy to grab anytime I want. It was a relief that it works fine for all my yarns and I think it will be like this for the years to come until I get tired of it hehehehehehehehhe.



How do you keep your yarns?  New ideas will surely be appreciated =)


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