Mickey Mouse CD Cases for Give-a-ways

Eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!  All these years I thought I posted this project together with all the Mickey Mouse projects I made for my nephew's first birthday party.  How can I miss this project in sharing with you all. 

In every kiddie party there will always be give-a-ways. Most of the time a kid will get a bag of candies before leaving the party.  As for my very first nephew's birthday last February 2010, which I have mentioned was a Mickey Mouse themed party, I created a CD case for all the kiddie guests and naturally with a Mickey Mouse soundtrack.  This is how it looks like:

The MM ears were cut using Mickey Font Cricut Cartridge.
The words "Thank You" were cut using New Arrival Cricut Cartridge

Once again I would like to thank the following people who made it possible for me to make and finish this project:

Maryann Laursen - for lending me the Mickey and Friends Cartrdige that works hand in hand with my Mickey Font Cartridge. And of course for helping me with the Mickey Mouse Classic Soundtrack plus providing me withe Mickey Mouse Christmas DVD's.

Connsue Diaz - for finding free links on Mickey Mouse Soundtracks.

Gomitras - for the Mickey Mouse images.

As of last month I was able to acquire the Mickey and Friends Cricut Cartridge so I no longer need to borrow from a dear friend when the need arises =)


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