Storage for My Flower Soft and Embossing Powders

I have not much flower soft nor embossing powders but I can say that I have the colors that I like.  I rarely buy such items coz a small container goes a long, long way.  The reason why I bought these items is just to have a safe feeling that when I needed it I can grab anytime.

The original containers are just too small for me that everytime I use it rest assured I will spill some and an irritating feeling spoils my mood plus I will waste time cleaning the mess before I can continue with my work.

My first attempt to organize both the flower soft and embossing powders was just to transfer each on tupperwares.  It worked fine for me for a year but early this year I decided to upgrade my craft room to save more space since every quarter my tools and materials just grows and grows.  Who doesn't right?  With all those never-ending yummy goodies being introudced in the market all for the love of crafting.

Let me share with you all the then and now .......


My flower soft on mini tupperwares with labels last 2010.
The same way I kept my embossing powders but can't find the photo.

These are magnetic spice cases from IKEA as well as the magnet plates.  
I still have to fill in 7 cases more.

For now I'm contented on how I store the embossing powders and flower soft but who knows a year or two from now I will decide to change it.

How do you store yours?  It would be great to have new ideas and maybe even better than mine =)

Thanks for the visit =)


Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [19 Feb 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

JEROSHA said...

Thanks Maria =)

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