Week 4 (Journal 52) - Building Character

Once again the week's prompt is kind'a difficult for me.  As what was exactly written at Journal 52, our prompt for the week is:  "  For this week’s prompt, create you own character for your art journal. Your character could be a reflection of yourself or someone you admire or even a completely made-up person. Your character can be serious or silly or somewhere in between. You can sketch or paint your character, or cut out pictures of characters or words from magazines if drawing/sketching/painting seems intimidating."  

It took a lot of thinking on my part analyzing my CHARACTER traits.  Along the way character and personality traits got twisted.  I had to remember the difference between the two.  I ended up asking a bunch of friends to check which character trait(s) I possess.  The hitch is that if they check a character(s) they see in me they have to explain why.  It was so touching to read all what they have written coz it brought back lots of memories to smile and to cry about.

Heniweys let me write down first the difference between Character and Personality Traits so as not to confuse anyone.  This was given to me by a colleague ans I'm so thankful for her kindness!

Character can be described as a set of mental and moral qualities of an individual which sets him apart from other individuals.
Personality is often referred to as the mask identity of a person. It is reflected by the outer appearance and behavior that may or may not be true to inner character.
Honesty, trust, respect, responsibility, leadership, loyalty, courage, objective, constant, and timeless.
Sense of humor, being friendly, interests and passions.

Defined by
What we are
What we seem to be
Mental and moral qualities
Outstanding characteristics
She is a woman of a fine character.
She has a witty personality that is often appreciated by everyone.
Distinctive, impact behavior and actions, good character has components of moral values, strong and persistent characteristics.
Consistent, psychological and physiological, impact behavior and actions, multiple expressions.

For short,  Character for me is deep within us that distinguishes who we are as a person while Personality is a kind of mask(s) we wear on a given circumstances / situation.

Ok, now back to my art journal entry.  I mostly used washi tape and jumbo printed packaging tape for this project.  Just added cute little hearts  on every chest of the human figure and one of them is even wearing eyeglasses thanks to my washi tape and of course a mini cake paper where I typed my sentiment.  Yeah, I did use festive Berries Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad around the cake paper.  The very base of the entry I still used canvas sheet sprayed with acrylic paints then layered with magazine sheet.  After I have adhered the jumbo printed packaging tape, I used Time Travel stencil by The Crafters Companion - sponged some black paint and wiped off with a baby wipe.  Lastly, the highlight of my entry is that I made pendants of the different character traits my bunch of friends wrote about me.  If you are interested on how I did it just go here.

This is what BUILDING CHARACTER means to me:


libbyquilter said...

wow, you put a LOT into this page and it shows~!
really fun and i love the addition of the trait tabs along the edge~!!

i sorta went another direction with my 'character building' page . . . i may not have spent quite enough time reading the suggestion . . .

i've popped over from Journal52 to see your work and i'm so glad that i did. very inspiring indeed~!



Hello and good morning Libbyquilter. Thank you ssssssssssssssssssooooooooo much for your love and kindness. You actually made me smile when I learned that someone left a comment. It is very rare that someone would do that to the point that sometimes I think I'm invisible hahahahahhahahaha. I would love to see your work so I'm going now and check it out. Once again THANKS a big bunch =) Have a great week-end and God bless!

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