Coloring Faces Using Copics - My Way!!!

Last year I was able to get hold of my very own 144 Copics Ciao Markers thru the kindness of a fellow crafter who is so dear to me from the very start. It took me a lot of courage to use the markers. Why? With so many colors and shades I have no idea where to begin. But like what my dear friend told me it's best to have a guide of all my markers. So, one day I just made my visual guide so i know the numbers and shades of my Copics and as well as my Promarkers. That was indeed a big help!!!!

One way or another I have to use my Copics otherwise it will just get dry and that will really make me cry like a baby. I have personally experimented and how I admired those stampers who can really color =)

How I did it? With trial and error and a lot of staring with my visual guide I made hahahahahahahahhaha. Of course lots of trial blendings hehehehehehhe.

With so much gladness that I finally found the right color for the face and skin, I am sharing with you all the step-by-step guide. My coloring or blending may not be perfect in your own opinion but still I want to share my style =D

Basic Copics Color Needed:

R00 (Pinkish White)
E00 (Skin White)
E93 (Tea Rose)
E95 (Flesh Pink)

Note: To achieve a great blending of colors, one has to use the right cardstock. Some uses GP or Wasau or Linen Cardstock. In my case, I tried different kinds of cardstocks just in case the Wasau and GP cardstocks given to me by Claire and Joan respectively will be out of stock in my drawer. Luckily, I found an acid-free unbranded A4 cardstocks that is perfect when I use Copics. I think I have to try it with my Prisma Colored pencils and will let you all know.

Also, it is important that one uses the right stamp pad. I got worried about that for some time coz what I have are Versacolor pads but thank God our craft store here has been selling Memento Ink Pads which is a fade resistant DYE ink.

Begin by coloring the whole face using R00. 
Don't worry if you have left some little white spots or 
maybe you think the coloring is not even - that's ok, coz along the way you will be blending other shades.

 Use E00 to color the sides and a little over the face leaving the center area of the face.

 To create shadows use E95. I also color the eyelashes. 
With E95, it will kinda re-moisten the other shades thus 
softening the entire look of the face as you go along.

 For the cheeks I use E93.

 If you think that the color of the cheeks is kind'a strong, then use again R00 to blend it well. 
In some cases i don't worry about that coz once the markers are dry, the effect is still awesome.


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Thanks Maria =) I hope someone out there will try it.

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