Drooling On These NEW EK Success Edge Punches

AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh it will never end!!!!  Every year new batches of tools and materials are launched especially during those CHA where we get to have a sneek peak.  This morning while I was trying to release some hyperness in my mind I was just browsing for new tools and at the same time checking if such new items are already available here in Sweden.  Yeah, I was dreaming for that hahahahahahaha but Sweden is not US so I'd better stop dreaming hahahahahahahaha.

Anyway, we all love edge punchers and I guess we all have either Stampin' Up or Martha Stewart or Fiskars or EK Success Punchers.  I say that all these brands I have BUT I don't have all that they have.  That's just fine for me coz staring at all my edgers on the wall, I'm satisfied with what I have BUT to add few will not hurt me ... definitely not at all hahahahahahahhahaha.  Oh I don't plan to buy all the new edgers coz that will be too much for me.  I can in a way make do of what I have.  Besides, like the new heart edgers - hhhmmm I have already few hearts and scallops and lattices so will not try to drool much on those hahahahahahahahaha.

I would like to share with you the new EK Success Edger Punches for 2010.  Oh well maybe it's not new to you anymore but for me these are delicious new goodies.  But let me show you my favorites first then at the latter part will show you the rest of the new edgers.  I hope by showing you the new edgers, it will somehow give you an idea which one you should drool and dream hahahahahahahahahahaha.  Hhhmmm the Double Crochet is like my Fiskars Sunburst Edge Punch.  I'd better check each of my edger and compare =)

My Favorites: (alphabetical order)

Acanthus Leaf - aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh this is awesome!!!


Arch Scallop - it's like rows of sliced lemons/oranges hehehehehe



Bumpy Road

Chain ( oh yeah!!!! so unique and I want this hahahahaha)

Daisy Chain ( yummy! definitely on top of my list)

Daisy Scallop (so cool and on top of my list! - similar to the the spellbinder borders)

Donut Chain - oh-la-la yummy!

Fancy Flights

Round Binding- I've always wanted a binder edger punch so on top of my list, too.

Scalloped Circle - cutie!!!! on top of my list, too

Scandinavian Lace - oh yeah, just like the spellbinder borders - yup, on my list, too

Scroll and Dots

Swirl - oooooooooooohhhhhhh la-la - on my list

ZigZag - oh this so great as alternative to zigzag bands - yup, on my list, too.

Zipper - sssssssoooooooo yummy! - o my list, too =D

Other New Edgers:
( I can live without  also arranged alphabetically)


Chain of Hearts - too plain!

Deco Scallop - it's cute but I'll pass on this

Dotted Lace Double Embossed - hhhhmmm I have cuter scallops than this one but it would be great if I can thread a ribbon on those holes

Double Crochet - oh well I can use my Fiskars Sunburts Edger than buy another one that is similar

English Ivy - this really looks like the edge and round punch I bought in UK

Falling Leaves - can use my leaf punchers instead

Flower and Flourish
- it looks like my Panduro punch

Graceful Heart -although on this one the hearts are inverted, I just have too many hearts already
that I don't want to add 1 more.

Infinite Dots - I'm not impress so I'll pass on this

Jewel - oooohhh my nickname without "s" but I'm not attracted to it so I'll pass on this

Lattice - hhhmmm I can use my lattice punchers instead

Musical Symphony

Open Scallop - I have a lot of scallops that are cuter than this

Paw print - we have no dogs here so I'll pass on this

Screen Chain - hhmmmm I can use my MS Checker board Edge punch as alternative

Scroll and Hearts - looks like my Fiskars heart edger so I'll pass on this

Starry Night -  hhmmmm I already have MS Stars Edge Punch so will not drool on this

Wavy Dotted Scallop - I'm not attracted to it so no drooling on this edger


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