Influencing A Friend to do Paper Crafting =)

13 April 2010

My friend Hershey and I made plans to do more shopping this day but we were thinking of going to IKEA.  She has been helping me from April 7 - 9 in my shopping spree down the city.  I have thrown all as in all our bath towels, beddings, curtains, hand-towels, tablecloths, and kitchen towels and decided to change everything plus Joseph needs spring clothes.  And yes, I threw some of his clothes, too.  Oh, actually we did not throw anything coz we donated everything at Red Cross.  Hershey helped me through and through and our project was to see IKEA's spring collection but sad to say we were not able to and that we have to reset our date by next week.

I called her early in the morning and invited her to come over and have lunch.  When she arrived ... we talked about a lot of things ... laughed together ... then ate lunch.  After lunch, I enticed her to do crafting.  I showed her some fun tools that she can play with and oh boy she really enjoyed every minute.  She tried embossing with Big Shot .... punched cardstocks with MS edge punchers .... she cut lots of cardstocks ... then she loves the Nellie flower punch and emboss ... and most of all she played with my Cricut Expression- yipee!!!!  Going back to Nellie punch and emboss she prefers using that than the ready-made prima flowers.  You can see the flowers I made at

She was amazed with the tools and she was so happy for me that I have such awesome tools.  Oh yeah, she complained that I have sssssssssoooooo many things in effect we have no space for crafting hahahahahahaha.  I told her we can work at the dining table but she prefers to be surounded by the goodies hahahahaha. 

One thing that made me smile is that while she was crafting, she keeps on saying "Wow, what a great therapy ... so relaxing."  Then, we almost forgot the time hahahahahahahhaahhahahaha the next thing we know it was 5:30pm and she has to hurry home coz she has a movie date with her husband hahahahahahaha.

Oh yes, she will be back ... to do crafting.  But at her home she has another kind of so called crafting and that is photography.  Yup!  They own a professional photo shop called AteljeNord and her husband is one of the best photographer we have here in Uppsala.


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