Issue #4 - 2010 : TDS Lifestyle (Easter)

Yup!  TDS Lifestyle Issue #4 is out since 5th of this month but was not able to post it due to unavoidable circumstances.

I'm so thrilled about this issue because BLIMP goes to San Francisco!  Cool, isn't it?  I will never get tired of visiting SFO and the truth is I did left my heart in San Francisco hahahahahahaha.  Why?  The city for me is magical and I was in awe when I saw The Golden Bridge.  It's actually the kind of city I can live at.  Joseph and I were so lucky to arrive on a fine sunny day and the effect of the bridge with it's background was like a postcard.  Joseph enjoyed watching the seals and The Alcatraz plus riding that train which at the end I had to buy a miniature hehehehehe.  We did so many things and went to so many places at SFO.  I really wish that someday I can go back and see SFO again =)  We personally enjoyed staying at SFO than LA but in both cities we super-duper love the moments we had with my first cousins and Uncles and of course meeting for the first time my handsome nephews =)

To see my project I did for this issue - check it out here My Reflections In Life

Lastly, at TDS Lifestyle Issue for this month, you will get a free digital kit by Roseytoes Designs and it's such a lovely kit so don't forget to grab it here "Long Lost Love"


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