Baptism Card Invitations (Military Theme)

A simple invitation card(s) I made for a little boy who was baptized last June 2008 here In Uppsala, which by the way I'm one of his God-Parents =)   The parents just requested me to make invitations for their son. After I got the pictures they want to use, I then started conceptualizing the card. Oh yes, they got so very very happy when they saw the card(s).

Btw, Inbjudan means Invitation :)


Unknown said...

I wonder that how you can make this ,I asked a question to you that how i purchase this pretty cards,and where?????????
Transparent business card
Pvc cards


Hi Selma =)
I made the cards so you can't buy that anywhere. Everything shown in my crafts site are handmade by me. If you want to order just email me but be aware that I'm here in Sweden =)

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