Entry #75 - NCM 2010 : Mini Cross-Stitch Project "Mini Blossoms"

This entry was posted at my Multiply site last 27 March 2010 as part of celebrating the National Craft Month.  Yup!  very late posting here :(

Here's what I've written that day:

It's Saturday and it means In-Laws day =D  Saturday is exclusive day for my in-laws and they always look forward to that coz aside from having Joseph with them for 2 to 3 hours, we all go to the grocery together then we eat lunch at their place.  I always cook food for them the night before and just bring it the next day for all of us to enjoy.  Not even a sale in the city can break this Saturday bonding moments with them hehehehehe.  Not even parties or dearest friends invitations can break this.  But of course when we are sick or they are sick then we can't go.

Every Saturday of this month, I bring my mini cross-stitch project and do it while we all have a cup of coffee and swedish pastries after lunch.  My DMIL is so good in crochet and cross-stitch, too.  My DFIL is so good in building things and oil painting.  I would always sit beside my DMIL and just do our needle work together.

Finally, this day I was able to finish my oh-so-mini cross stitch project while holding tears.  It was a big relief!!!!!  Clap, clap, clap hehehehehehehehehehehehehe Took more than a month to finish hihihihihihihi .... Thailand then Sweden =)

I know, I know it's not a clean project but it's a good start that I can slowly heal the wounds in my heart when it comes to cross-stitching.  I'm also kind'a disappointed with how it looks coz looking at my previous CS projects it sure has a big difference.


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