Zutter Distrezzing Tool - Real Cool!!!

Maybe you haven't seen it or heard about it yet, there's a new kid in town for distressing papers, chipboard, wood, leather and more!!  It's by Zutter Innovative who created the Bind-It-All machine and is called the Distrezz-It-All.  This awesome machine is compact, portable, durable and is the answer to all our distressing needs.  Imagine distressing cardstocks 10 or more at the same time?  Wow!  That will surely save a lot of my time =D

Ok right now I'm dreaming to have one of this tool!  I'm really tired of using nail filer or those handy small distressing tool.  With my current way to distress it really takes forever plus it hurts. I don't care if the tool is in pink hahahahahahahahha but maybe they will come up with another color hehehehehehehe

The tool costs about 39.99 Euros


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