Lucky Winner of My First Ever Blog Candy =D

First of all I'm very thankful for those who joined my very first blog candy at my Multiply site.  I was in awe how dedicated each one of them in creating almost everyday (if not everyday) projects that gave inspiration and fun to everyone.  Craft goodies here are limited and quite expensive but I have few extras that I'd rather share than forever keep it at the basement or sell it to fellow crafters here in Sweden.  Although my craft goodies are very simple, I am deeply touched that they spent time and effort in joining my blog candy.

How I wish I have more extras so I can give more and give each one of the participants but someday I know I can do that.  Let me save some more hehehehehehehehehehe.

Was I a good host of my very first Blog Candy?  I know as a host I should visit each one of you and leave some love and kindness but if I miss to see or comment on a project of yours please shout out and I will surely appreciate that.  I think somewhere along the way due to some unexpected circumstances here at home I missed out a few but please bear in mind that I tried all my best hahahahahahahahahaha.

Rest assured that this will not be my first BC but hoping that the next play we're gonna have you will still all join.

How did I draw the winner?

Please be informed that I used the Random Number Generator.  You may check it out here http://www.saccenti.com/randomnumber/randomnumber.htm

Midnight of 31 March 2010, I used Excel Spread Sheet to one-by-one list all the names of entries starting from the first one who submitted up to the last - cut-off-time. 

I asked my son to click the button from the Random Number Generator and it's #126.  Sorry but he refuse to be taken a pix - he's not actually in a good mood due to pre-empted nice dream hahahahahahhaha.  But with all honesty we did not tamper in getting the winning number.

A little Story behind:

Actually the first number Joseph got was #204 and that number is equivalent to JOAN.  But, prior to raffle drawing, Joan told me that eventhough she loves the goodies in my BC especially the flowers from Thailand, she requested that she'd rather not win and let the others win.  She knows very well that countries outside US (yeah that includes Sweden hehehehhe) has very limited or hard to access craft goodies.  She lives In US and she can easily access all the yummy goodies we all wish for. She still joined my blog candy to have fun =D  Also, for those who are wondering why Claire did not join my BC is the same reason as Joan's.  Aren't these 2 ladies angels on earth?????


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