Remembering My Very First Creation : Mini Matchbox Inspiration

As I sit here in my craft zone and tryin to figure out when I will have the mood to organize my external hard drive files, I'm looking at all the folders and every album brings so much memories.  If you have read my introductory on this blog site, you are then aware that it was only in the begining of 2006 that I started to become serious in paper crafting.  It took months for me to find stores here ... actually still in search hahahahahahaha.

Anyway, I started as a digital scrapper and when I tried paper crafting I did enjoy every minute of it utilizing on what i have.  During that year, I met a fellow Filipina.  She is not a friend of mine ... just an acquaintance.  She's suffering from cancer every now and then.  With such condition, I was inspired to create something for her that will give her inspirations in her everyday needs.


liargao said...

i just hope the one who receives this is still here right now... it really breaks my heart to know people ill and the saddest part is they will be waiting the final day..=(


The last time I heard is that she is alive and doing fine .. for now.

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