Simplicity At Its Best : Wedding Invitations

Client is sssssssssssoooooooo happy with her invitations and that's what matters =D

Remember those proposed wedding invitations with summery colors I made last month? Well, forget about those hehehehehehe. Change of mind for short!

Client's dilemma is that she wants few of my proposals but then we had to compromise. We had to consider their age and inputs of her hubby-to-be.

No frills .... no swirls .... just plain and simple =D

Just a simple love stamp which I embossed then added a rose which is the in-thing right now. Made few Finnish version and lots of Swedish version as far as the wedding details are concerned. The inserts are 2 pages but the main insert where the announcement is stated is printed on a light tan glistening cardstock and the second page is in off-white cardstock. Cardstocks used for the envie/case and inserts are semi-glistened cardstock by Reprint.

Cards were delivered yesterday morning through the kindness of DH since I can't go anywhere co my son has chicken pox.


Simplicity said...

Wow a very romantic wedding invitations, wedding invitations I liked it, very simple and feminine. With an elegant blend of color and modern, very amazing


Thanks sssssssssssoooooooooo much =) I had to be careful in designing the invites for them coz of their age.

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