Wrap-around Wool Necklace

What a fine sunny day it was =)  When hubby told me that we're going to visit my step-son at his apartment I was delighted and excited.  He recently moved out from our home and I cried bucket of tears!  We bought the apartment last week of December and made an agreement that he will do his moving out thing slowly so that I will be prepared emotionally and mentally.  But still when the day has come for him to leave I cried and devastated.  All these years I told him he can live with us until the day he will get married hahahahahhahahahahahha.  No one can blame me for feeling sad coz I took care of him in every way since he was 14 years old and now that a decade has passed by we just have to set him free.  If I cried bucket of tears when he moved out how much more if my only son has to do that someday?

His apartment really suits him:  located near the city .... grocery store is just 2 blocks away ... fast foods are just around the corner yet the building itself is quiet and safe....plus he has his own parking space  I believe the most important part is that it's near the head-office where he works.

As for the project I made this day I truly say that it's a quick one.  If you have 10 minutes to spare you will be able to assemble the necklace even while watching TV which I did =)

The materials I used for this project.

The knotted effect is way too easy to do.  

My son is sick again and I don't know if taking him out for a ride and visit his step-brother was a bad idea.  I hope it's not a relapse :(

Goodnight everyone and catch you guys tomorrow with another project.

until then.....

My Play with EK Dimensional Flower Punchers

Good evening fellow crafter!  Still not the usual Saturday this day coz both DPIL are still sick so no going to the grocery with them ... eat lunch with them ... and have a chat or Joseph playing with them.  My son is still recuperating from flu so it's just best that we stay at home.  He is kind'a restless due to boredom but he knows he has to stay in bed and take things easy until such time he is no longer coughing.  I, on the other hand, spent the whole day with him by watching films at viaplay.se.  He got irritated coz the movie he likes to watch "I'm Number Four" has some problems so I promised him we will try again tomorrow.  We ended up watching Step Up 2 and 3, The Mechanic, and partial of Machete.  When hubby got home about 3.30pm, I took my bike and headed to the grocery store.  In between watching films I decided to play for the first time with my EK Success Dimensional Flower Punchers.  I bought these toys in the beginning of October 2011 and I feel ashamed again for just hiding it in my drawer together with the rest of my EK punchers.

Anyway, before I show you my play this day I would like to share the sadness me and my son had this afternoon before hubby got home:  The giant pine-tree at the end of our property was cut off :(  It's a mutual decision between us and the neighbor coz it's so big and tall that one day due to the roots it will hit and destroy the basement(s).  It took 3 years for such decision to materialize because we had to ask for permit, etc, etc, etc.  What a sad feeling to watch it go down.  Although it made a difference coz it's brighter now in and out, I feel sad for the birds especially during winter time :(  Speaking of birds, Joseph saw a bird's nest and he panicked naturally so we told the men working on the tree about it.  Luckily there were no eggs or baby birds inside the nest, whew!!!  I took some pictures while we were watching from the window inside our home but did took pictures outside before they started their mission and after.

Good-bye giant pine-tree :(

Now on to my play this day.  Please don't laugh once you see my first try.  It turned out unusual =)  My son likes it more than the second attempt hahahahahahhahaha.  Here goes my first try:

 weird looking, huh?

And here's my second and final try for the day:

I had to stop trying more coz Joseph asked me to dance with him : the streetdance while watching Step-Up 2 hahahahhahhahahahhahaha.

I don't think such flowers can be used in any of my scrapbook layouts or art journaling but definitely can be used as embellishment for something else.

Well, it's time for my son to take his medicine then go to bed which means I go to bed, too.

Goodnight =)

until then......

Organizer for My Die-Cuts

Good evening everyone!

My son is still sick but he did eat this day - in fact I had to order pizza (home delivery) coz he has been begging me to buy one.  He is asleep now and luckily I didn't fell asleep.  Not much real crafting has been done coz I watched films with my son almost the whole day BUT I did manage to organize the much neglected die-cuts I have accumulated over the years.  I really ought to use these cuties in some projects soon especially when I'm too lazy to cut anything using Cricut.

 Found this down the basement and if I'm not mistaken I bought this last 2010 at Clas Ohlson.

I categorized whatever die-cuts I found but sad to say I had no time to make/add dividers this day. AND I need to do something about the cover of the binder - it's just too plain for such cuties.  Oh well,  I just have to do it some other day =)

I really hope my son will be up and about tomorrow.  I miss his noise playing war wearing his soldier outift and all the gadgets that goes with it .... I miss his fingers tinkering on every lego bit he has creating something unusual .... most of all I miss his craft time with me - always curious and excited to borrow my paints and brushes :(

Good night everyone!
If time and situation permits tomorrow then I will be able to create something.

until then.....


Played with Word Collage Cricut Cart =)

My son is still sick but I'm relieved that he does not vomit anymore and actually ate breakfast.  He just slept the whole day away yesterday and only took water all the time.  Fever went down but still coughing like a seal ..... and this day he started sneezing and sneezing :(

As a mother, I'm restless when my only child is sick .... always checking on him and that's the main reason why I was not able to post my project yesterday.  I had plans of posting it late last night as soon as my son falls asleep but I, too, fell asleep beside home and we both woke up this 8am so there goes my posting hhahahahahahahha.

Anyway, yesterday I played with my Word Collage Cricut Cartridge.  Like any of my carts, I also love this one .... so many possibilities, right?  I've seen some projects using vinyl with this cart and that I have to try someday.

For my first play with this cart, I covered an old 12 x 12 canvas board =)

The sides were accentuated with lavender Stickles as well as the antenna of the word Cricut.  I also adhered a vintage lace from my stash.  Hhhmmmm, I have not decided yet as to whether hang it or just let it stand.

until then......

Punch ... Curl ... Assemble = Flowers

First and foremost I would like to show you what I bought at IKEA =)  If you are into art journal of any kind this IKEA find is awesome for such projects. It's simply a ready-made SMASH Book =)   I had to grab all the last pieces due to it's price - very very cheap if you are an IKEA Family member.  So many ideas flowing in my mind ....it's the execution I have to be patient with because my son is sick (hoping it's not influenza) so I can only make simple things this day or maybe until tomorrow ... we'll see by Saturday.

Where do you shop your craft items?  In my case, if it's in UK, I shop at Crafts U Love.  If it's in USA, I shop at Oh My Crafts, Custom Crops, Just-Rite, and Cricut Machine.  But if it's here in Sweden, I shop at Slojd-Detaljer, Scrapbruket. Scrap Room, PY Hobby, CCHobby, Stellas, Magdas, Scapamer, and of course the ever accessible Panduro.  All the above mentioned stores I access through Internet except for Panduro wherein I shop both at internet or directly at the store.

Having mentioned Panduro, I bought 2 sets of flower punchers due to it's 50% off sale.  I just couldn't resist although I have the cricut cartridges to help me make different kinds of flowers in different sizes.  Sometimes, it's much easier to use other tools aside from cricut especially when you're in a hurry and need to make something outside the craft room. 

I literally used left-over small bits and pieces of cardstock by Tilda.  I just couldn't throw any scraps thinking that I know I can make use of it one way or another.

I like both and I love the fact that I may certainly use these flowers in any of my projects =)

Now back to what I'm creating this day which I hope will be posted later .......

until then.....

How I Store My Cricut Cartridges

As of this hour I'm not finish yet with my laundry but somehow I'm half-way through ... hhhmmm the truth is it feels like never-ending :(  I was able to vacuum the whole first floor and let's just forget the basement hehehehehehehe.  The hardest part in cleaning is Joseph's room!  Geez! So many bits from his lego and when I looked under his bed, ha!, that's where he hide his mess everytime I tell him to clean his room while watching TV.  He is now down the basement at the music room under the protection of his dad ... crying a little bit because of guilt.

How I wish it's every week that the cleaners come here to clean the house but they only come every other week :(  I'm practically exhausted and hubby knows that I tired myself again in cleaning but actually it's a bad combination to clean then at the same time to do laundry....run down the basement to hang clean washed clothes then put new batch then go up again and continue cleaning.  I guess it's not in my system to understand what cleaning is all about hahahahahhahaha.

Anyway, in between chores I took some rests either by lying down or watch TV or just get out and breathe some fresh air.  Then I saw the real sign of Spring at our front yard :

So pretty, isn't it?  It's in full bloom now!

I did not stay long outside coz it's chilly eventhough the sun was shinging high and bright but I did manage to watch "The Tourist", starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp while organizing my growing Cricut Cartridges.  It's about time I should say coz I recently ordered more cartridges and that means I really need to have a storage for the carts alone.  To date I have 110 carts and I know for sure that it will grow and grow and grow =)

Let me show you an idea how I started storing my cartridges before:

Then I acquired more cartridges in the long run so I made use of a pretty box I bought wherein I added dividers using an artist board:

And this is now my storing/organizing way for my growing cartridges:

For now all my full carts are in one case, alphabetical order while all the solutions, events, projects cartridges are in another case.  There's still enough space to fill up on both cases but months from now when the case for full carts are filled up, I will just arrange it alphabetically regardless if it's a solution or a full cart.

How do you store your cricut carts?

As for all the cricut booklets, well, that's another story =)

Here's the list of all of my acquired Cricut Cartridges ( a lot of playing must be done) =)

Good night everyone!  I'd better hang the last batch of washed clothes and call it a night =)

until then.....

My Stickles Organizer for 2012

Oh-la-la it's Tuesday and I'm free from work but it does not necessarily mean that I have the whole day to craft :(  In fact, my day started out by going to the dentist since my son has an appointment then I brought him to school so as not to miss all the lessons for the day then walked all the way home.  It was a relief when I got home but then I know I have a super HOT date down the basement to do laundry.  I should have done this yesterday or the other day but I'm too lazy but really I can't say NO this time.

Eeeeeeeewwwwww loads to wash!!!

Anyway, after work yesterday I decided to go around the city a little bit before heading the grocery store, to see what's the latest in fashion for spring this year but ended up checking what Boots has to offer.  Boots is very known in UK and they opened a store here in Uppsala months ago and it's just in front of one of our stores.  The first thing I saw was the make-up section.  How essential is make-up for women?  I never liked wearing make-up.  I only wear it when the need arises or when it's necessary.  I'm stupid when it comes to brands but I have tried L'Oreal, Isadora, Max Factor, Helena R., etc, etc, etc.  My make-up would end up dusty coz I never wear much.  I'm just happy with mascara and lipstick but other than that it will take a lot of prodding for me to indulge in blush-on, foundation, concealer, or eye shadows.  Ha!  Well, since my loose powder foundation is soon empty I decided to buy one ... then lipstick ... then... mascara.  Got a free concealer though =)  I like the smooth finish of the loose powder foundation but I'm not happy with the eye mascara and so-so with the lipstick so off goes to the dust bin hahahahahhahaha.  As for the concealer I don't have any idea how to use it!  I'll just buy a new mascara and lipstick tomorrow after work and maybe will even find glittered eye shadow hahahahaha.

Oh but there is something glittery that I truly love which I bet everyone does and it's called STICKLES and to some it's called glitter glue. If you still remember the altered box I did last NCM 2010, for my stickles, then that I don't use for my stickles anymore.  My stickles collection grew and I need to find a way to organize and at the same time admire the colors and this is what I came up with:

These are the main materials I used for this project =)

And this is how it turned out =)  Hhhhmmm I have a feeling that next year I will come up with a new way to store my stickles but for now I love what I made =)

I wonder what I will create this day ...... ......  .....  I'd better continue with my date down the basement - the laundry machine, haist!

until then......

Altered Glazed Stones

wwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh  what a frosted morning we had 2 hours ago and I was so glad that it melted fast!  The sun is shining really bright and no frost anymore!!!

Good Monday everyone!  How was your week-end?  Hope all is well and we're all starting a week filled with fun, laughter, and most of all creativity =)

My week-end was awesome!  Saturday, I attended a party without hubby and my little boy ... yup, I was single that night.  It was Erika's 30th birthday and she invited us at her place with a big plan for us making fresh pasta together. I offered to bring chicken in sticks and since it was already half-prepared I  was spared from messing around at the kitchen.  We had fun and it was really nice just hanging out with them.  You won't see me in any pictures because I was the one taking pictures ....what else is knew, right? hahahahahhahaha. I went home bloated ....stomach filled with delicious food.  I got home safe and unharm - bhoy! it was a long ride indeed and the only horrible thing happened is that I forgot my wallet at Erika's place.  But we were able to get it the next day at Cristina's place who was kind enough to bring it with her instead so I can just get it from her who lives within the city.

That's the birthday celebrant =)  I gave her my gift while we were eating our desserts =)  To see the details of the necklace, just click this and to see the details of the shoe case I made you may click this =)

And the dessert:  cheesecake by Cristina, something made by Jan, and although I was drunk I couldn't resist to take a shot of Bailey's (my forever fave!) =)

Sunday (yesterday), I tried to avoid creating anything to rest and relax.  Joseph and I went to watch a movie "Journey to the Mysterious Island" down the city.  I had a headache afterwards coz I never like watching 3D movies coz one has to wear 3D glasses but the most important is my son truly enjoyed the movie.

Anyway, let me show you the stones I altered =)  It's kind'a cool because it's a great centerpiece on any table whether dining area or the living room.

These are the basic materials I used and transformed the glazed stones into this:

I added heart beads at the last minute =)

Well that's it for now....

until then......

Shoe Case with Heels

How's your week-end?  Mine is just fine ..... no stress since I will just go to the grocery tomorrow with hubby.  My parents-in-law are both sick so the usual Saturday we have with them is cancelled for the meantime until they're both healthy.  I, for one, feels that soon I will be sick but hoping of all hopes that I did not get the virus when I brought my DFIL in an ambulance last Monday due to influenza.  I was informed by the doctor that I have to observe myself within 14 days and if I'm lucky well and good, right?

The sun is shining really bright here and we are embracing every moment of the day for the past week.  If you read my entry yesterday then you have seen the budding flowers in our front garden.  I decided not to take a new picture yet coz I'm waiting to see it in full bloom.  Hhhhmmm maybe tomorrow...we'll see.

For my project this day which I was able to make early this morning (thanks to my son who woke me up at 7 this morning)  is a case for the necklace I made yesterday.  I finally decided to use my latest acquired cartridge Princess Party =)  When I saw this cart I fell in love with the 3D shoe.  I don't have a daughter but being a shoe lover I knew I have to have the cart!

I made a cut at 7 1/2 inches and assembled the shoe.  Since I was half awake and half asleep I had no idea how to embellish the shoe.  I didn't want to go overboard coz I want to maintain the elegance and simplicity of the shoe playing on my mind.  In my mind I want to incorporate stamping so I checked my Greeting Farm stamps and took Camille then I took the courage in using my PrismaColor pencils.  I have the big set for about 3 years now and embarrassing  to say it's actually my first time to use it.  I was apprehensive to use it but there's always a first time.  I believe I will use it more for now instead of my Copics - my coloring is kind'a rusty now, that's why.  Overall I'm happy the way it turned out but as I've said I will practice more coz it could have been better.

Now for the shoe itself, I embellished it with flower then attached a brad.  From there, I added crystals and wrapped around a lace.  The heel part is the coolest coz that's where I attached the stamped image (as shown above) and added few crystal beads.  Oh it didn't end there coz something is missing from the shoe itself...I felt that it was naked so thanks to Ellen Hutson who once shared a pattern for shoe lining in one of the shoes she created.

Once again I would like to stress that the shoe lining is not included in Princess Party Cricut Cartridge.  Here's the final look of my shoe case which I will be giving tonight to the birthday celebrant.  Oh my I'm singe tonight coz hubby and Joseph has to stay home.  Hubby has to take care of Joseph since there will be no kids at the party.

The tag was made by using Just Rite stamp : From My Kitchen Set then punched scallop using Stampin' Up then layered with another punched scallop.

That's it for the day!  I think I will take a long bath with candles around and drink again my blueberry juice.  Ooopsss!  I guess I'm dreaming - I still have lots of things to do here outside my main craft room.  Hhhhmmmm, maybe will take a date at the laundry area instead hahahahhahahahaha.

God Bless everyone!

Happy crafting and have a great week-end =)

A 10 minutes Double Loop Wool Balls Necklace

 Look what I found in our front yard!!!!  My heart is filled hope that truly Spring is here =)  Although I know snow may pour once in a while but I also know it will not last for it will just melt immediately.

Now let's talk about my project this day =)

It's party time for me tomorrow and I will be attending one of our staff's 30th birthday =)  I have to go without hubby nor my son so it sounds like I'm single tomorrow hahahahahahahahha.  The celebrant as I have observed likes fancy jewelries ... well who doesn't, right?  I took a lot of courage to create one for her.  Amazingly it only took 10 minutes for me to assemble everything.  I kind'a like the effect of uneven lengths/spacing of wool balls and beads but I really had a hard time making a loop for bigger wooden beads.  Oh well, i really hope she will like it ... crossing my fingers!

 These are all the materials I used =)

And this is how it looks like when looped twice.  It's really best to wear it with double loop otherwise the whole necklace will hang up to her hips =O

Hhhhmmmm now I have to think of something on how to pack this gift.  I'd better browse my cricut cartridges......

Until then......

Happy crafting everyone and God Bless!

My Own Smash Book Version 1

SMASH was such an "in" thing for 2011 and I know it still is but since it is quite expensive here I decided to assemble my own.  I say assemble because my version is made of left-over and randomly picked cardstocks from my stash.  I categorized the cardstocks and made sure that each piece is and can be cut into an A4 size then bind  it using Bind-it-All and wire-o size 1 1/4.  

The journal itself has 62 pages plus added envies, insertions, mini folded albums, and tags.  Hhhhmmm, maybe I should remove some pages or better yet some sections .... I don't know.  For now I'm admiring what I was able to assemble last night.  The cutest part is my son and I played with stencils and my set of Viva Paper Soft Color.   Oh yes my son enjoyed the moment very much that I put him to bed at about 9.30pm - bad, very bad of me ..... he's suppose to be snoring at 9pm!

One thing for sure I will be making another one but less classy as this one and not so many pages so I can bring it anywhere I go.

Here are some pages .....

My son used Tim Holtz mask on those blotz.

The butterflies are stencils from Panduro.

The tags were embossed using TimHoltz.

yup, once again the swirl was achieved using Tim Holtz Mask.

This is my son's favorite and he used Tim Holtz Mask.

My son just inked away from what's left on all foams he used.  I think he did well!  The doily lace effect is a stencil by Panduro.

Added a mini accordion album on this page.

There are a lot of lovely and cute pages in my own smash book but it's just too many to show.  Oh well, that's it for now and hopefully will be able to create something later this day =)

Happy Crafting everyone!

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