Shoe Case with Heels

How's your week-end?  Mine is just fine ..... no stress since I will just go to the grocery tomorrow with hubby.  My parents-in-law are both sick so the usual Saturday we have with them is cancelled for the meantime until they're both healthy.  I, for one, feels that soon I will be sick but hoping of all hopes that I did not get the virus when I brought my DFIL in an ambulance last Monday due to influenza.  I was informed by the doctor that I have to observe myself within 14 days and if I'm lucky well and good, right?

The sun is shining really bright here and we are embracing every moment of the day for the past week.  If you read my entry yesterday then you have seen the budding flowers in our front garden.  I decided not to take a new picture yet coz I'm waiting to see it in full bloom.  Hhhhmmm maybe tomorrow...we'll see.

For my project this day which I was able to make early this morning (thanks to my son who woke me up at 7 this morning)  is a case for the necklace I made yesterday.  I finally decided to use my latest acquired cartridge Princess Party =)  When I saw this cart I fell in love with the 3D shoe.  I don't have a daughter but being a shoe lover I knew I have to have the cart!

I made a cut at 7 1/2 inches and assembled the shoe.  Since I was half awake and half asleep I had no idea how to embellish the shoe.  I didn't want to go overboard coz I want to maintain the elegance and simplicity of the shoe playing on my mind.  In my mind I want to incorporate stamping so I checked my Greeting Farm stamps and took Camille then I took the courage in using my PrismaColor pencils.  I have the big set for about 3 years now and embarrassing  to say it's actually my first time to use it.  I was apprehensive to use it but there's always a first time.  I believe I will use it more for now instead of my Copics - my coloring is kind'a rusty now, that's why.  Overall I'm happy the way it turned out but as I've said I will practice more coz it could have been better.

Now for the shoe itself, I embellished it with flower then attached a brad.  From there, I added crystals and wrapped around a lace.  The heel part is the coolest coz that's where I attached the stamped image (as shown above) and added few crystal beads.  Oh it didn't end there coz something is missing from the shoe itself...I felt that it was naked so thanks to Ellen Hutson who once shared a pattern for shoe lining in one of the shoes she created.

Once again I would like to stress that the shoe lining is not included in Princess Party Cricut Cartridge.  Here's the final look of my shoe case which I will be giving tonight to the birthday celebrant.  Oh my I'm singe tonight coz hubby and Joseph has to stay home.  Hubby has to take care of Joseph since there will be no kids at the party.

The tag was made by using Just Rite stamp : From My Kitchen Set then punched scallop using Stampin' Up then layered with another punched scallop.

That's it for the day!  I think I will take a long bath with candles around and drink again my blueberry juice.  Ooopsss!  I guess I'm dreaming - I still have lots of things to do here outside my main craft room.  Hhhhmmmm, maybe will take a date at the laundry area instead hahahahhahahahaha.

God Bless everyone!

Happy crafting and have a great week-end =)


frances joy said...

wow ate!!!! ang pretty!! soon il make one like this po ha... gawin kong pattern.. :)

JEROSHA said...

Hi Joy! okidok =)

Joyse Interiano said...


JEROSHA said...

Hi Joyce! Thanks for dropping by =)

cabbie lopez said...

thanks for visiting my blog. i love this project! so cute!

JEROSHA said...

Hi cabbie! Always a pleasure visiting your site =) Thanks for coming here.

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