My Stickles Organizer for 2012

Oh-la-la it's Tuesday and I'm free from work but it does not necessarily mean that I have the whole day to craft :(  In fact, my day started out by going to the dentist since my son has an appointment then I brought him to school so as not to miss all the lessons for the day then walked all the way home.  It was a relief when I got home but then I know I have a super HOT date down the basement to do laundry.  I should have done this yesterday or the other day but I'm too lazy but really I can't say NO this time.

Eeeeeeeewwwwww loads to wash!!!

Anyway, after work yesterday I decided to go around the city a little bit before heading the grocery store, to see what's the latest in fashion for spring this year but ended up checking what Boots has to offer.  Boots is very known in UK and they opened a store here in Uppsala months ago and it's just in front of one of our stores.  The first thing I saw was the make-up section.  How essential is make-up for women?  I never liked wearing make-up.  I only wear it when the need arises or when it's necessary.  I'm stupid when it comes to brands but I have tried L'Oreal, Isadora, Max Factor, Helena R., etc, etc, etc.  My make-up would end up dusty coz I never wear much.  I'm just happy with mascara and lipstick but other than that it will take a lot of prodding for me to indulge in blush-on, foundation, concealer, or eye shadows.  Ha!  Well, since my loose powder foundation is soon empty I decided to buy one ... then lipstick ... then... mascara.  Got a free concealer though =)  I like the smooth finish of the loose powder foundation but I'm not happy with the eye mascara and so-so with the lipstick so off goes to the dust bin hahahahahhahaha.  As for the concealer I don't have any idea how to use it!  I'll just buy a new mascara and lipstick tomorrow after work and maybe will even find glittered eye shadow hahahahaha.

Oh but there is something glittery that I truly love which I bet everyone does and it's called STICKLES and to some it's called glitter glue. If you still remember the altered box I did last NCM 2010, for my stickles, then that I don't use for my stickles anymore.  My stickles collection grew and I need to find a way to organize and at the same time admire the colors and this is what I came up with:

These are the main materials I used for this project =)

And this is how it turned out =)  Hhhhmmm I have a feeling that next year I will come up with a new way to store my stickles but for now I love what I made =)

I wonder what I will create this day ...... ......  .....  I'd better continue with my date down the basement - the laundry machine, haist!

until then......


ails said...

Awesome idea! This is way way much better than the first. Sometimes, if things are in a box, we tend to forget about them. This however is brilliant! Ohhh, I haven't touched my craft supplies for so long. This makes me want to craft now. :D

JEROSHA said...

Hi Ails :-) salamat sa dalaw. For now i'm contented with all the colors i have so this storage solution works fine for me. It's really nice to look at it :-)

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