Organizer for My Die-Cuts

Good evening everyone!

My son is still sick but he did eat this day - in fact I had to order pizza (home delivery) coz he has been begging me to buy one.  He is asleep now and luckily I didn't fell asleep.  Not much real crafting has been done coz I watched films with my son almost the whole day BUT I did manage to organize the much neglected die-cuts I have accumulated over the years.  I really ought to use these cuties in some projects soon especially when I'm too lazy to cut anything using Cricut.

 Found this down the basement and if I'm not mistaken I bought this last 2010 at Clas Ohlson.

I categorized whatever die-cuts I found but sad to say I had no time to make/add dividers this day. AND I need to do something about the cover of the binder - it's just too plain for such cuties.  Oh well,  I just have to do it some other day =)

I really hope my son will be up and about tomorrow.  I miss his noise playing war wearing his soldier outift and all the gadgets that goes with it .... I miss his fingers tinkering on every lego bit he has creating something unusual .... most of all I miss his craft time with me - always curious and excited to borrow my paints and brushes :(

Good night everyone!
If time and situation permits tomorrow then I will be able to create something.

until then.....


ails said...

Oh, poor Joseph. I hope he gets well soon so you both can play and craft again together.

JEROSHA said...

He is better this day. . . playing and eating but gets tired easily and still coughing but not much sounding like a seal anymore :-)

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