A 10 minutes Double Loop Wool Balls Necklace

 Look what I found in our front yard!!!!  My heart is filled hope that truly Spring is here =)  Although I know snow may pour once in a while but I also know it will not last for it will just melt immediately.

Now let's talk about my project this day =)

It's party time for me tomorrow and I will be attending one of our staff's 30th birthday =)  I have to go without hubby nor my son so it sounds like I'm single tomorrow hahahahahahahahha.  The celebrant as I have observed likes fancy jewelries ... well who doesn't, right?  I took a lot of courage to create one for her.  Amazingly it only took 10 minutes for me to assemble everything.  I kind'a like the effect of uneven lengths/spacing of wool balls and beads but I really had a hard time making a loop for bigger wooden beads.  Oh well, i really hope she will like it ... crossing my fingers!

 These are all the materials I used =)

And this is how it looks like when looped twice.  It's really best to wear it with double loop otherwise the whole necklace will hang up to her hips =O

Hhhhmmmm now I have to think of something on how to pack this gift.  I'd better browse my cricut cartridges......

Until then......

Happy crafting everyone and God Bless!


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