Wrap-around Wool Necklace

What a fine sunny day it was =)  When hubby told me that we're going to visit my step-son at his apartment I was delighted and excited.  He recently moved out from our home and I cried bucket of tears!  We bought the apartment last week of December and made an agreement that he will do his moving out thing slowly so that I will be prepared emotionally and mentally.  But still when the day has come for him to leave I cried and devastated.  All these years I told him he can live with us until the day he will get married hahahahahhahahahahahha.  No one can blame me for feeling sad coz I took care of him in every way since he was 14 years old and now that a decade has passed by we just have to set him free.  If I cried bucket of tears when he moved out how much more if my only son has to do that someday?

His apartment really suits him:  located near the city .... grocery store is just 2 blocks away ... fast foods are just around the corner yet the building itself is quiet and safe....plus he has his own parking space  I believe the most important part is that it's near the head-office where he works.

As for the project I made this day I truly say that it's a quick one.  If you have 10 minutes to spare you will be able to assemble the necklace even while watching TV which I did =)

The materials I used for this project.

The knotted effect is way too easy to do.  

My son is sick again and I don't know if taking him out for a ride and visit his step-brother was a bad idea.  I hope it's not a relapse :(

Goodnight everyone and catch you guys tomorrow with another project.

until then.....


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