Altered Glazed Stones

wwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh  what a frosted morning we had 2 hours ago and I was so glad that it melted fast!  The sun is shining really bright and no frost anymore!!!

Good Monday everyone!  How was your week-end?  Hope all is well and we're all starting a week filled with fun, laughter, and most of all creativity =)

My week-end was awesome!  Saturday, I attended a party without hubby and my little boy ... yup, I was single that night.  It was Erika's 30th birthday and she invited us at her place with a big plan for us making fresh pasta together. I offered to bring chicken in sticks and since it was already half-prepared I  was spared from messing around at the kitchen.  We had fun and it was really nice just hanging out with them.  You won't see me in any pictures because I was the one taking pictures ....what else is knew, right? hahahahahhahaha. I went home bloated ....stomach filled with delicious food.  I got home safe and unharm - bhoy! it was a long ride indeed and the only horrible thing happened is that I forgot my wallet at Erika's place.  But we were able to get it the next day at Cristina's place who was kind enough to bring it with her instead so I can just get it from her who lives within the city.

That's the birthday celebrant =)  I gave her my gift while we were eating our desserts =)  To see the details of the necklace, just click this and to see the details of the shoe case I made you may click this =)

And the dessert:  cheesecake by Cristina, something made by Jan, and although I was drunk I couldn't resist to take a shot of Bailey's (my forever fave!) =)

Sunday (yesterday), I tried to avoid creating anything to rest and relax.  Joseph and I went to watch a movie "Journey to the Mysterious Island" down the city.  I had a headache afterwards coz I never like watching 3D movies coz one has to wear 3D glasses but the most important is my son truly enjoyed the movie.

Anyway, let me show you the stones I altered =)  It's kind'a cool because it's a great centerpiece on any table whether dining area or the living room.

These are the basic materials I used and transformed the glazed stones into this:

I added heart beads at the last minute =)

Well that's it for now....

until then......


Orlis y El baúl de Andrea said...

are amazing!!! I love it!!!

I would like to try!!

JEROSHA said...

Hi Oskie =) Nice of you to drop by. Oh I would love to see your version ... can't wait!

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