My Play with EK Dimensional Flower Punchers

Good evening fellow crafter!  Still not the usual Saturday this day coz both DPIL are still sick so no going to the grocery with them ... eat lunch with them ... and have a chat or Joseph playing with them.  My son is still recuperating from flu so it's just best that we stay at home.  He is kind'a restless due to boredom but he knows he has to stay in bed and take things easy until such time he is no longer coughing.  I, on the other hand, spent the whole day with him by watching films at viaplay.se.  He got irritated coz the movie he likes to watch "I'm Number Four" has some problems so I promised him we will try again tomorrow.  We ended up watching Step Up 2 and 3, The Mechanic, and partial of Machete.  When hubby got home about 3.30pm, I took my bike and headed to the grocery store.  In between watching films I decided to play for the first time with my EK Success Dimensional Flower Punchers.  I bought these toys in the beginning of October 2011 and I feel ashamed again for just hiding it in my drawer together with the rest of my EK punchers.

Anyway, before I show you my play this day I would like to share the sadness me and my son had this afternoon before hubby got home:  The giant pine-tree at the end of our property was cut off :(  It's a mutual decision between us and the neighbor coz it's so big and tall that one day due to the roots it will hit and destroy the basement(s).  It took 3 years for such decision to materialize because we had to ask for permit, etc, etc, etc.  What a sad feeling to watch it go down.  Although it made a difference coz it's brighter now in and out, I feel sad for the birds especially during winter time :(  Speaking of birds, Joseph saw a bird's nest and he panicked naturally so we told the men working on the tree about it.  Luckily there were no eggs or baby birds inside the nest, whew!!!  I took some pictures while we were watching from the window inside our home but did took pictures outside before they started their mission and after.

Good-bye giant pine-tree :(

Now on to my play this day.  Please don't laugh once you see my first try.  It turned out unusual =)  My son likes it more than the second attempt hahahahahahhahaha.  Here goes my first try:

 weird looking, huh?

And here's my second and final try for the day:

I had to stop trying more coz Joseph asked me to dance with him : the streetdance while watching Step-Up 2 hahahahhahhahahahhahaha.

I don't think such flowers can be used in any of my scrapbook layouts or art journaling but definitely can be used as embellishment for something else.

Well, it's time for my son to take his medicine then go to bed which means I go to bed, too.

Goodnight =)

until then......


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