How I Store My Cricut Cartridges

As of this hour I'm not finish yet with my laundry but somehow I'm half-way through ... hhhmmm the truth is it feels like never-ending :(  I was able to vacuum the whole first floor and let's just forget the basement hehehehehehehe.  The hardest part in cleaning is Joseph's room!  Geez! So many bits from his lego and when I looked under his bed, ha!, that's where he hide his mess everytime I tell him to clean his room while watching TV.  He is now down the basement at the music room under the protection of his dad ... crying a little bit because of guilt.

How I wish it's every week that the cleaners come here to clean the house but they only come every other week :(  I'm practically exhausted and hubby knows that I tired myself again in cleaning but actually it's a bad combination to clean then at the same time to do laundry....run down the basement to hang clean washed clothes then put new batch then go up again and continue cleaning.  I guess it's not in my system to understand what cleaning is all about hahahahahhahaha.

Anyway, in between chores I took some rests either by lying down or watch TV or just get out and breathe some fresh air.  Then I saw the real sign of Spring at our front yard :

So pretty, isn't it?  It's in full bloom now!

I did not stay long outside coz it's chilly eventhough the sun was shinging high and bright but I did manage to watch "The Tourist", starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp while organizing my growing Cricut Cartridges.  It's about time I should say coz I recently ordered more cartridges and that means I really need to have a storage for the carts alone.  To date I have 110 carts and I know for sure that it will grow and grow and grow =)

Let me show you an idea how I started storing my cartridges before:

Then I acquired more cartridges in the long run so I made use of a pretty box I bought wherein I added dividers using an artist board:

And this is now my storing/organizing way for my growing cartridges:

For now all my full carts are in one case, alphabetical order while all the solutions, events, projects cartridges are in another case.  There's still enough space to fill up on both cases but months from now when the case for full carts are filled up, I will just arrange it alphabetically regardless if it's a solution or a full cart.

How do you store your cricut carts?

As for all the cricut booklets, well, that's another story =)

Here's the list of all of my acquired Cricut Cartridges ( a lot of playing must be done) =)

Good night everyone!  I'd better hang the last batch of washed clothes and call it a night =)

until then.....


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