Me Mad? Yes, Mad! That's Good.

Have you lost your temper once, twice, or zillion times?

Have you ever got tired of being nice to everyone that you felt they took advantage of your kindness?

Have you ever thought that deep inside you, there is a volcano than can erupt at any given time ... or maybe when it's really hot?

Have you ever realized that you can actually get mad and see the other side of you?

Have you ever decided that for once I will get mad and be mean so they know that I'm not MS. Stupid Nice All Year Round!!! ?

Have you ever felt relieved that you got mad and was able to say what you have to say?

Well, if you answered YES on all above questions then I congratulate you because you are human after all AND you are indeed NOT perfect =)

In my case, I do my best to keep myself cool in any given situation.  Sometimes I succeed and sometimes not.  But over the years I really learned to balance every bad situation before saying anything.  I laugh and try to accept things with a balance mind.  But since I am human and NOT PERFECT I can also be mean and unforgiving.....one can taste my wrath that's for sure.  Unforgiving for a day or a week but once the hurt is over I forgive but never forget.  I can never forget coz I have to look back and learn from my experiences.

I try to avoid really in a boiling mad situation because I know I will say things that I will regret or things that will really and deeply hurt the person.  I have a big heart that can tolerate situations but when it's too much and all lies then that's another story.  Oh well, as I've said I'm an imperfect person so things happen.  The truth is it's a nice feeling when others get to see the angry/mean  side of me because I am capable of that.  Besides I have a heart and it can certainly feel!

How about you?



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