Time Management? Huh?

Some people are so well organized in life especially when it comes to daily activities.  They know which time they have to eat, take a break, leave home for work and so on and on and on.  Well, when God showered that kind of blessing I was asleep and snoring, I bet! (lol)

I live on a day to day basis, hour by hour, which means I drink coffee when I want to .... I eat lunch when I feel hunger .... I clean the house when I'm in the mood ....  I watch TV when I know that the show/movie is something I will enjoy.  The only thing that is fixed is the time I have for my son and hubby plus I started reading the Bible again and that is my devoted quiet time.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not stressed or always cramming just to beat the deadline.  I just have my own phasing in my life's activities.  I only have a simple mini calendar book which I use exclusively for my son since he has so much activities going on at school plus adding his hip-hop dance lessons as well as tennis lessons.  Other than that I do crafting, go to work every other day for few hours, cook meals, and the usual taking care of husband and son =)

Time Management?  I wish I knew beforehand what that means hahahaahahahahha and maybe my life will be different.  It's not I'm saying I have a difficult life due to less time for this and that. No!  What I'm saying is that maybe, just maybe I would have accomplish more.  But nah, how I use my time now is just perfect ... so far.  I think I have enough time everyday but the problem is when laziness strikes ... aahhhh hhhhmmmm which happens most of the time hahahahahahahhaha.  Also, some of my activities I just get overboard!  You know like I can watch movies the whole day ... go shopping the whole day till I remember that I have  a son and I need to get him from school .... read a book wherein I'm lost in time - into another world or dimension ... and yeah, my addiction to crafting..... oh and of course dwelling at Facebook =)

I have to slap myself twice just to remind myself that it's almost mid-September, and I'm late in conceptualizing /creating handmade Christmas items.  Now that is serious!!!!!  I will not promise myself anything as far as that one is concerned.  It all depends on my mood.  Would I consider selling handmade Christmas items this year like every other year or not?  That is the main question!  One thing for sure and as usual I will be creating Christmas decors for our home =)

How about you?  Do you apply time management in your life?


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