Growing Old Together

Do you have that sweet feeling when you see really old couples still holding hands while they walk?

Do you find it awesome when real old couples still have that look of love when they stare at one another?

Do you ever wished that you and your husband/wife will be blessed to grow old together?

Do you ever wonder why and how  some real old couples have kept the fire burning all these years?

Do you find it super duper sweet when real old couples feel incomplete when one is away doing an errand?

Growing old together and still loving/caring for each other is one of the blessings in life.  Everytime I see real old couples still holding hands, kissing, embracing, and caring for each other I am truly mesmerized.  I giggle like a little child when I catch them giving stolen kisses, haist!  I actually don't have to look far because my parents-in-law are just like that =)

Both of them are in their mid 80's now and DFIL is not as healthy and fit as before.  They both depend on each other and I have witnessed a thousand times that one is restless when one is away.  DMIL is stronger in many ways but rest assured that when we're together shopping in the city and DFIL is left behind, we have to do things in a hurry all because she is worried about DFIL.  I have a strong feeling that each of them don't feel whole when they are apart.  The feeling is so intense for short!

A classic example happened yesterday.  Hubby had to drive DMIL to the police station to get her ID card then they proceeded to the hospital for a checkup.  They left DFIL about 9am.  When they got back after 1 1/2 hour, DFIL is sitting on a bench with their dog, Casper, on a bench waiting and waiting for DMIL to come home.  He has been sitting there the same hour hubby and DMIL left.  This incident happens all the time and when they see each other again, it's like one of them were gone for a year!  If both my parents were still alive I know the situation will be the same because both my parents were exactly like that =)

Love grows for those who are truly in-love.  And as love grows everyday, our physical appearances changes, too, and that's called ageing hahahahahahahhaha.  As the saying goes ... The journey is never truly over, it just changed course".

Aw, I actually hope and pray that hubby and I will grow old together free from illnesses and diseases.  I told him few times that may God let me die first because I can never-ever handle life again if he goes first.  I have witnessed my parents' deaths and the pain is unbearable that even up to now I shake and cry when I look at their photos.  How much more if your other half dies!  May God grant me the grace, strength and wisdom if such horrible day comes.


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