Just B U !!!!

In life one has just to be who you are .... no pretentions .... no lies ..... and no expectations.  I say no expectations because when you expect and it didn't materialized then you will fall and be discouraged.  
Oh but if you are being YOU, one must not forget in life to be polite and respectful at all times.  Besides, we got only one chance to live to make the first impression and hopefully it's a good one if not the best.  Being YOU is advocating your personality.... and it takes years to know and develop that ... and to some it takes a lifetime.   Being YOU doesn't mean that you have no boundaries and that you can do anything ... say anything you want.  We have to remember that we humans have feelings ... with different perspectives, culture, background, traditions, and beliefs.  If we show who we really are then think twice before you make a move because whatever the outcome would be then be prepared for the circumstances and embrace the situation.

Are You Being You?  On the creative side, can you say with all your heart that you have your own style in crafting?  That you are indeed being YOU?  Can you relate yourself to the outcome of your creations?  Do you feel satisfied when you look at your own finish project - you say "it is me"?

In my creativity I can attest that I'm just being me.  I know my strengths and weaknesses.  I try something and see if I'm comfortable.  With my mistakes I learn and along the way perseverance is my key to succeed but it is not easy so few times I give up and just improve more my strengths and manage my weaknesses.  I admire fellow crafters who can create things that I know from the beginning that I can't.  To admire is good for me coz it nourishes my creative soul =)


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