His and Hers Masquerade Masks

A last minute project I made yesterday for a client.  We met last Wednesday after lunch and she mentioned that she has a big problem.  Naturally I asked what it is and she told me that this Saturday, which is tomorrow, she with her husband will be attending a masquerade party and it requires masks of course.  She had no idea where to buy masks and she has a feeling that it cost a lot.  I, being a crafty person told her I will make for her instead and that we have to buy the basic materials for the masks immediately.  Off we went to Panduro and luckily base masks are available.  After discussing the main color of her masks, we bought some embellishments that I know I will be needing and that I don't have any in-stock.  Other added materials I told her I have a lot at home.

Yesterday, although I'm in so much pain and feel weak due to my monthly thing-y I devoted my time in finishing the project because I promised her that the masks will be ready for pick-up this day, Friday.  I'm so happy how both masks turned out.

 These are the base masks we bought!

Materials I used aside from the base masks are the following:

Gold paint (Allmoge) - I used this kind of paint because it's thick in consistency, applied twice
Stickles (Crystal) - which was painted after the gold paint has dried
Pearl Maker (black) - filled in the gold flower band
Gold Rose - from an old plastic bouquet
Black Fabric Flower
Peacock Feathers
Jewelry Ornament - dabbed with black Staz-On stamp pad
Multi-colored Beads
Flower Sticker beads
Black square beads with crystals
E6000 to adhere all embellishments securely

Hhhhhmmm I believe I will be making few more for personal happiness hahahahahha =)


Margot Potter said...

Fabulous masks! The details are exquisite! Very Venetian! Thanks for stopping by the blog, I was out of town so I missed your comment, but I am back in the saddle today and just approved it!



Oh hi Madge =) I'm so honored that you dropped by in my humble craft site. You have no idea how surprised I was when I read your comment. Once again, THANKS a big bunch for your visit. I truly appreciate it =)

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