A Possible Solution to my Dilemma : Zutter Kutter

Alas!  I think I found the right cutter that suits my needs.  For more than a year now I have been searching for the right cutter.  A cutter that can cut boards and  more than 1 cardstock.  I have seen guillotines but way too expensive here:(  Then a few days ago I saw Fiskars cutter that really looks like a bag which is also available here at one on-line store ... also expensive but was planning to save and buy one when I'm fully convinced.  But, as I search for more answers, I came across another great product and it's simply called "ZUTTER KUTTER".

The cutter that does it all -  perfect for crafters of all mediums, including paper and cardboard.
Takes on the toughest cutting jobs that lightweight paper trimmers can't handle!
Zutter Canvas Art Board ~ Chipboard ~ Book Board ~ Stacks of Cardstock ~¨Foam Board ~ Corrugated Cardboard

I know we all need a great cutting tool that actually works well, so we ought to think twice when buying tools.  It's true I can't wait to get my hands on this one but a dear friend of mine enlightened me to opt on guillotine instead =)  Yeah, one has to buy spare blades, too, if you prefer Zutter Kutter.  I wonder if this Zutter product will be available here in Sweden ... hhhhmmmm we'll see but I guess by that time I already have my guillotine.

The tool costs 169.99 US dollars

For more details and video just go to Zutter by clicking here http://www.binditall.com/


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