(Week 09) - Journal 52 : Color Swatch Inspiration

I thank God that I was able to do the week's art journal page for Journal 52 this day =)  It was an easy one I guess for everyone participating in the workshop because we get to play wither with colors we love or colors we hate or colors we have never applied ... ever.

After getting the prompt from Journal 52 "For this week’s prompt, choose something to use as color inspiration and use those colors to create a page in your journal. Color is everywhere! You can use colors from a piece of clothing, a dish, a picture, or of course there is always Pinterest or make your own color scheme for your page."

Who doesn't love colors?  No one I believe.  In my case there is one particular color that I will never learn to like but only to appreciate and that is pink.  Yeah, I know almost all women especially little girls just love pink.  Sad to say not in my case.  Before you judge me or condemn me for saying that please know first the reason why.  Pink make me sick literally :(  I'm the kind of person who gets affected with the colors I wear and this has been proven thousand times over by my friends and my parents.  I get fever for some reason we don't understand.  One example I remember very well is that when one of my closest friend at our church was getting married, I was her maid -of- honor and I have to wear a baby pink long dress.  Guess what?  Three times we had fitting and just after minutes of wearing it I felt weak and  ... fever followed next :(  Yes, the bride-to-be decided that I wear something else and I wore an ecru dress filled with different small colorful flowers ... yes it has pink flowers but it didn't make me sick at all due to other colors of flowers sewn all over the hem and shoulders, whew!  So, now you know and hopefully understand why I can never ever love pink ... only up to appreciation.

Now, for my project, I entitled it "In Sickness and In Health".  I played with PINK and my favorite colors of all time ORANGE and YELLOW plus added grey as my neutral shade.  Wearing bright colors make me energized ... if I wear black and white I am so prim and proper ... if I wear the sky colors I'm so calm but happy and contented.... if you let me wear neutral colors I'm quiet as can be like I feel invisible.  Have you ever been influenced by the colors that you wear?

You can obviously see that I played with ribbons and  yarn flowers using my flower loom I patiently made a long time ago.   The tag?  I made it as a tag from the inspiration page I got in Damernas Swedish fashion magazine:

 The simple process:

Chose ribbons that I want to use then cut strips.

sew ... sew ... sew....

I wonder what would the next prompt be.

Happy crafting =)


Anne Payne said...

This is a great piece of art! I love the colors and lines, and so many textures. Beautiful job for the prompt.


Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Anne =)

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