Brother ScanNCut CM600 Images/Patterns

Ever wondered what images/patterns you will get or should I say built-in your machine?  I did!!!!!  I searched and searched for internet at least a glimpse of the images/patterns before I buy BUT to no avail.  I just took the risk of buying the unit.  All I know is that CM300 model means 300 built-in images and since I bought the CM600 en toto I got 600 images/patterns.  I believe that's enough for me since I have tons of images that I can scan and cut using this machine PLUS in the very near future all users will get free images from the Brother website ... if I'm not mistaken.  Also, I have 120 Cricut Cartridges  to date so definitely I will still use my Cricut Expressions from time to time.  Wondering what I will do with my Silhouette?  I use it for my PC fonts and dingbats.

Heniweys, as I have promised from my yesterday posts with regards to The ScanNCut machine, here are the images/patterns included at the CM600 model:



So there you go =)

Have a great week-end!


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