(Week 11) - Journal 52 : STARS

This journal page is really a late entry submission!  I do have a valid reason and I have been vocal about this right from the day I got the prompt.  Before I dwell on the matter let's take a look at the prompt as stated at Journal 52.  It says.......

Week 11 Prompt: Stars

“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” – Vincent Van Gogh
For this week’s prompt, take inspiration from stars or the night sky. You can doodle, draw, collage, paint – whatever medium is most comfortable for you.

When I got the prompt I knew I will have a difficult time doing my page!  Stars!!!!!

Here's a poem I have written so you will know what STARS mean to me.

I love the twinkling stars high up in the sky.
No one knows how many they are
but one can just imagine that it covers the entire universe.

I always watch the stars at night with my mom and dad
We make a wish ... even wishes from falling stars.
Some wishes were granted some wishes were forgotten.

The dawn has come for my mom to say good-bye
The day has come for my dad to say good-bye
What's left of me is emptiness
Tears were uncontrollable
But I have to live as long as God wishes.

The last words mom told me...
I will be watching you
I will be with you
All you have to do is close your eyes and think of a star
shining bright smiling at you ...
that's me.  I love you!
Thank you for your love and care my daughter.
I know you will be alright for we have raised you
so well with God' love.

The last words of my dad to me ...
When you are sad, happy, confused, worried
uncertain, joyful, victorious, or in pain
Look in the sky and find the 2nd best shining star
for that is me and your mom as one
watching and guiding you.
We can never be the first best
for the best shining star is God.
Look for it and feel HIS love and peace.
I love you
Thank you for taking care of me up to my last breath.

Honestly, it took sssssssssssssoooooooooooooooo much effort doing this entry ... laughter but more tears were part of the process due to memories but I did my best so here it is:

Canvas sheet
Black Gesso
Flourescent (Neon) Acrylic Paints by Panduro
Studio Acrylic Paints - Pearlescent
Silver Acrylic Paint by Panduro
Letraset Neon Markers
Glitters - silver, snowflake, and crystal
Crafters Companion Stick and Spray
Balzer Designs Stencil - Burst
Star Beads
Nylon thread plus big hole needle
Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen - White

The Process:

  • Cover canvas with black gesso and let dry.  I used heat tool to dry it faster.
  • Drop randomly all neon acrylic paints on the sheet.

  • Spread it wildly using a paint spatula and I got this look..... love, love, love the texture!

  • Once dried, spray glue and scatter glitters all over then let dry to make sure it adheres properly.

  • Get your stencil ad using a spatula add silver paint and spread evenly.

  •  While it is still wet add more glitters and let dry!  FUN!!!!

  •  Make a star and adhere then cover it with silver glitters.  I added red on the sides of the star using Pearl Maker pen.  I used Yellow Neon Letraset marker to highlight the rays =)

  •  Let it dry for 30 minutes coz there are a lot of layerings.  Sew star beads around the edges and write your sentiment.

 I really love the texture, layers, and twinkling of the different glitters I used =)

Ok, now I have to end and post this coz my son is coming home any minute now.

Happy crafting!


marionarmitage said...

O my goodness.. Your poem is beautiful and what a great memory to have of your parents.... I also love your art piece.. The texture is very impressive.. I have not used a spatula like that and will have to try it out. Thanks for sharing....


Hello Marion =) I am deeply grateful and actually surprised that soem one wrote a comment in my blog entry hehehehehehehe. It seldom happens and when it does I jump for joy because my voice was heard, imagine that! I'm comfortable using spatula in stencils and of course paints because it really gives a different dimension / texture. I used old credit cards if I really want an even coating of paints. Lastly, thank you so much for reading my story behind the STARS. Both my parents died in my arms and leaving me a beautiful message is deeply etched in my heart. Once again THANK YOU =)

Annette G said...

Beautiful poem and love your fab artwork. Annette x

Clare said...

Oh so Beautiful Jerosha!! Your Mum and Dad are very wise and have left you with precious words! Your art has such depth and feeling to it! So glad you put your blog link in your post.


Dear Annette G,

Thank you very much for appreciating my simple work of art. Thank you for dropping by and leaving some love and kindness =)


Dear Claire,

I have learned so many things from my parents and everything is warmly kept in my mind and heart. Oftentimes I just close my eyes and recall what they have taught me in life.

A thousand thanks to you for coming over here and leaving some love and kindness in which I ma so grateful.

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