Waterproof Travelers Keeper (TDS Lifestyle project- Issue #12, 2009)

Another hybrid scrapbooking tutorial for everyone.  I have created this project for The Daily Scrapper now TDS Lifetyle and was published for Issue #12 of 2009. You may still see my project at TDS http://www.thedailyscrapper.com/2009/issue12deo/hybrid_luggagetag.html  but be warned that the introductory text is totally wrong.  I think they misplaced mine :(

Traveling can sometimes be irritating when you have to hold bags and at the same time check-in.  It's even stressing when you have kids around.  I only have one kid but I have to divide my attention when checking-in and at the same time eyes on my son especially when DH can't join us for a trip.  I would normally pit everything inside my shoulder bag which by the way is big but it doesn't help at all.  Yes, I do prepare in hand all the things needed when I fall in line for check-in but it's still stressing :(

With such a "hate-situation", I was inspired to create my very own travelers keeper and it's even waterproof hehehehehehhe.   Now, let me show you how I did it and maybe you'll be interested to try.  Of course will share with you the templates I made so you will not have a problem with the sizes.  In fact, to understand my instructions you really have to download the file found at TDS and here's the link http://www.thedailyscrapper.com/2009/issue12deo/hybrid_luggagetag.html
Once you are at the page you will find "Click [HERE] for more image details including patterns."  Or there is another option, get the patterns at http://jerosha.multiply.com/photos/album/153/2009_TDS_Project_Issue_12_Waterproof_Travelers_Keeper

Supplies Needed:
• Digital Kit by Joanne Brisebois
• A4 Matte Photo Paper - Canon (150g/m2)
• Scrap Board or Illustration Board
• Natural Rope
• Crop-a-Dile II
• Scor-Pal
• Power Tape
• ATG scotch 700
• Acetate or Ordinary Transparency (2 pcs)
• Velcro

1) Cut illustration board creating 2 panels measuring (a) 5W x 7L (b) 5W x 9L

2) See patterns for scoring guide. (image A and B combined)

3) Open your scrapbook software or any editing software

4) Open Lost in Translation Folder and create layouts for front and back panels, and cover flap using the 5 x 7 layout size.

5) Print your layouts and cut.

6) Using your ATG scotch, adhere your layouts at the front, back, and cover flap.

7) Prepare the first acetate with the same measurements stated above and adhere it using the power tape.

8) Punch all the sides of the panels except the cover flap using crop-a-dile II. For the bottom part punch holes at one side only.

9) Use the rope to secure the bottom part of panels. (image C)

10) Prepare the second acetate by creating a clear box without top and bottom with the measurements of 5 3/4 L x 11W. See pattern as your guide. (image D)

11) Use power tape at both sides to adhere the clear box onto the unfinished keeper. (image E)

12) Use the rope by looping through every punched hole thus securing all side panels. Make sure that the rope is not too tight neither loose. (image F)

13) Punch 2 holes at the top part of the cover flap.

14) Insert and make a knot at both ends of the thick shoe string which serves as the handle or strap. I personally used a long shoe string so I can hang the keeper around my neck to free my hands.

15) Adhere velcro that serves as lock of the waterproof travellers keeper.

Viola! Ready to travel with easy access every check-in and boarding!

Don't forget to get my patterns (http://www.thedailyscrapper.com/2009/issue12deo/hybrid_luggagetag.html)   so you have a guide just in case you will try it someday =D


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