Overwhelming Surprises =D

As I am recuperating from the sickness called flu, I only have few hours to sit and tinker on my laptop.  Can't even stand long hours doing some crafts but I know by Monday I'm well again as a bull hehehehehehehe.

Since March, most of my creations which I posted here at my blogger site has been regularly featured at CRAFTCRAVE.  I was so happy and shocked of course that my humble creations has been linked many times under Scrapbooking category.  So if you have time just find me at CraftCrave hehehehehehehehehehe.  Just find me there coz hard for me to show all :( 
Besides, I'm still kind'a lost in that site hahahahahahahahahaha.  Everyday they have new things to look at covering lots of categories. 

Today, I got featured again under Blog Awards by Lexmark and you may check it -
Featured Blog Scrapi-Hapi-Licious Me

Lastly, I am being invited to be featured and be a regular artist at an upcoming Craft E-magazine in Canada.  Cool, isn't it?  I can't tell you the details yet coz the whole kabut is still confidential.  But it's something I look forward to and will be negotiating with them when I'm strong and healthy again.

Oh as for the Swedish Scrap Store I told you few weeks ago, still no news about that coz the owner told me that she is drafting a contract and she's kind'a lost as to what to write.  So we'll see and I'll let you all know if I got it or not.  As of now I have some projects to submit to her which will be displayed at her store =)


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