Tablecloth Weights (TDS Lifetyle Issue #11, 2009)

Summer is just around the corner and time to have parties at the garden.  One thing that irritates me is when the wind blows and the tablecloth goes with the wind hahahahahahahahahhaha.  This project I made side-by-side with the Kiddie Placemats I created both for The Daily Scrapper now TDS Lifetyle.  I created this for Issue #11 at TDS Lifetyle which you may still view at

It's not my first time to alter stones but will show you later if time permits.  For now, will tell you more about this weights.

Supplies Needed:
• Digital Kit Hot Feet Cold Treat
• Alterable Plain Tablecloth Weights by Panduro Hobby SWE (6pcs)
• Craft White Tissue Paper
• Masking Tape
• Decoupage Glue
• Soft Bristle Paint Brush
• Shrink Film/Plastic
• Satin Ribbons
• Oven or Heating Tool
• Scrapbook Factory DeLuxe V.3

  1. Open your Scrapbook Software or any editing software and choose the embellishments from the Hot Feet Cool Treat kit you would like to use. You may also play with different shapes effect if one is interested to use specific digital papers from the kit. Cut craft tissue paper into A4 size and use a masking tape to secure the tissue paper on all sides onto the plain A4 white paper. This will avoid displacing the tissue paper when printing.
  2. Print mode must be on High Resolution otherwise the ink will bleed.
  3. Let it dry. Once dry cut it into desired size.
  4. Apply decoupage glue gently before and after adhering the tissue paper making sure that a soft bristle brush is being used in spreading the glue. Start on the middle part then onto the sides.
  5. Let it dry at least overnight.
  6. While waiting to dry, print embellishments from the kit using shrink plastics. A high resolution mode will give a darker effect once it shrinks and that’s just exactly what we want to achieve on this project.
  7. Let it dry for few minutes. Cut each shape/embellishment leaving a white space around and punch holes.
  8. Follow the instructions as stated on the package because it varies in every brand. With the shrink plastic that I have, it says 130degrees and bake for 3 minutes. Using a heating tool, one has the control over the shrink plastics but using an oven like I preferred will make it curvy in a slight way.
  9. Tie ribbons and it’s ready to use. 


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