Do You Feel Special?

Everyday ... everytime you wake up in the morning ... everytime you go to bed and call it a night, do you feel special?

Everytime you're in a difficult situation, do you feel special?

Everytime you're in trouble, do you feel special?

Do you ever think that people around you ... like friends, family, and relatives, think that you are special?

I, for one, feel that I am special ... I know that I'm unique ... and that no one can ever take that confidence in me.  God has created us uniquely and in HIS eyes we are special individually ... so, who can be against that, right?

BUT REMEMBER: the special feeling you have must stay in your heart and not in your head. Otherwise that's not being special anymore coz that's what you call arrogance =)


franzesjoi said...

wow beautiful ate... what do you call this? journal or smash book?? what po ba ate yung smash book?


Hi Joy! This is an art journal. Will write my review within this week about Smash book. For now you make google smash book and you'll see what it's all about. I have 9 smash books and I haven't started anything on it yet :(

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