How To Achieve What You Want

How does one achieve what he wants in life?  The secret lies to POSITIVE THINKING!  I know it doesn't work all the time but it helps us to be happy everyday and when it fails, we don't need to be sad nor depressed but instead we stand up and move on and try or do our best to achieve again what we want..

My simple formula in achieving what I want in life is this:

DREAM what you want to achieve ...great or small, and when you dream HOPE with all your heart.  Don't let hope die but instead IMAGINE it clearly and continue WISHing that it will come true.  Side by side in wishing, BELIEVE that it is near to grasp ... never cease to believe for God can hear your plea.  But don't just stand there ... EXPLORE the possibilities in achieving what you want to achieve .... DISCOVER the possibilities and opportunities that come your way for if you don't care you will definitely WONDER why you didn't take the chance ... why you didn't care ... why oh why!  Regardless what the outcome would be just EMBRACE your mistakes for there is no one to blame but you.  REMEMBER that God hears and answers our prayers at the right time and if it is for the good of your soul and growth .... remember that God helps but you've got to help yourself, too.

This art journal page I have made at the end of winter wherein we kind'a felt that Spring is just around the corner. 


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