Take the Plunge with Project Life!

Hhhmmm I'm so ashamed of myself :(  I have been out of touch in the world of paper crafting for  more than a year and last month I just came across  few items that has been the "in thing" in the world of crafting.   No regrets anyway  because I concentrated and devoted my time on my work, family, and most of all my son.  I should have balanced my life and applied time management, right?   Well,  I can honestly say that I have been creating a lot of projects but to upload and update my blog that was my negligence.  After our trip to Spain, I really promised myself to at least spend time in uploading and updating my craft site - and still trying I suppose.

Two weeks ago I came across Project Life and that made me think twice.  I had to sit down and REALLY think if it is the kind of project I can handle.  I really have no time to scrapbook ALL photos because it's been beyond my control now.  Photos are drowning me both hard copies and in my hard disk.  The problem for me to pursue Project Life is that the products are not available here in Sweden.  I can order in UK but all the items I like are still out of stock and maybe just maybe new stocks are available come latter part of October, darn!

This is where creativity comes along =)  I'm currently making use of my stash here and make my own.  At least I can start somewhere, right?  I've seen a lot of fellow crafters wherein they also make use of what they have so this is not new to anyone ... I'm pretty sure.

But what is project Life?  The way I understand it is that it is a simple way of documenting everyday life in preserving memories.  When I say simple it is really simple but of course one has the option to add anything on it =)  Here is Becky Higgins site - the master and inventor of Project Life.  You will definitely see lots of yummy goodies in connection with Project Life and don't miss out the animated video =)  It's up to you if you want to buy your own or make your own from your stash.  I've also included a video where Becky Higgins herself explained about her project Life.

Do you think this one project is for you?  If yes, then take the plunge and join us =)

Will post soon what I'm up to with my Project Life =)


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