Bloom Where You're Planted

I have been living in Sweden for 10 years now and looking back since my first day I can humbly say that I am blooming where I'm newly planted.  All my 35 years I lived and grew up in the Philippines.  Both my parents gave me a great and firm foundation until the day they gave me wings to soar high in life.  I struggled, I fell, I won, I cried, and I learned a lot.  But it doesn't end there because when I got married to a Swede, I had to live in Sweden.  Now, that I'm 45, I am still blooming.  Literally, I'm a late bloomer because I enjoyed every second of my day .... grasping and embracing my day to day.  Along the way I learn new things and still learning in life in a foreign land.  I don't complain from day one but instead I observed, compared, and applied without compromising my beliefs, values, and traditions.  I guess that's what makes me successful because I still have my original identity and at the same time balancing new ones upon applying in my life.

It disgust me and sometimes laugh so hard when I encounter fellow Filipinos who totally forgot the Filipino values in life.  They act as if they're not from Philippines.  The point is why renew yourself for the worst when you can be the best of both worlds?  Don't they ever realized that our nationality changed BY paper alone when one migrates to another country?

Enjoy where you are..... whatever you are doing ..... embrace the new and never forget the old for the old is who you became and the new is who you can be =)


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