MWTD : (Phase 2) Upcycling Empty Cereal Boxes

By this time you have seen the phase 1 of this particular project =)  Now, on to the 2nd phase ... still following Jennibellie*s tutorial.  The sun is ever shining so bright since yesterday and so I decided to take out my acrylic paints and start painting every page of the folded empty cereal boxes I have prepared.  The outside of the boxes are shiny so it takes few coatings of paint and I get bored so I decided to order another set of paints in bottle but the back side is so easy ... only a small drop of paint and it covers the whole page.  I will just paint the rest of the front sides when I get hold of my new paints.  Told ya' I'm crazy on different coloring mediums!

My hands are dirty but what the heck!

What are you up to this day?


franzesjoi said...

busy-busy na naman si ate! :) phase 3 na.

JEROSHA said...

Will try to do the phase 3 soon ... just have to have the lust before I can do it =)

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