My Workdesk This Day (Upcycling Empty Cereal Boxes)

I will be going out tonight to join our Specsavers staff night out.  Hubby says maybe I should join to have a break.  I have been sick since Wednesday evening last week and now that I only cough a little, hubby thinks It'll do me good to go out and enjoy ... have a drink or two but never come home drunk =)

As I try to feel if I'm fit enough to go out this evening, I did grab some of my empty cereal boxes down the basement and tried to make it into an art journal.  I have seen Jennibellie's video tutorial and I followed her step-by-step.  I just love all her art works!!!

OK, I admit I cannot finish this project this day but at least I have done the base.  Next step for me is to color all the pages and then I will transform it into a book which means to say I have to use needle and thread which I'm not comfortable with plus beads.

This is how my table looks like an hour ago ...

Messy indeed!

Top view

Bottom side view

Front view

I feel like adding 2 more sets of pages but I have to consider the fact that most likely I will be embellishing a lot of pages with bulky cuties so I really don't know for now.  One thing for sure, I have to decided on that before I start coloring all these pages from cover to cover.

Btw, here's the video of Jennibellie with regards to using empty cereal boxes =)


franzesjoi said...

wow naman ate, you really keep the cereals boxes po huh! nkakatuwa naman gayahin nga po kita ha.. :)

JEROSHA said...

Yes I do =) I'm actually a garbage woman hahahahahahhahahahahahha. Go ahead and transform your empty cereal boxes into something else =)

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